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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Visit Skirmisher at Gen Con Booth 314!

As always, Gen Con Indianapolis is the place to be in August, and Skirmisher will be displaying its latest books and other products in the exhibit hall at Booth 314, at the left end of the exhibit hall. Be sure to come by and look at our latest releases, sign up for some of the events based on our games, and speak with us in person! New products scheduled for release at the con include:

* H.G. Wells’ Little Orc Wars, a versatile, easy-to-learn miniature wargaming system based on rules developed by the great science fiction author.

* USSMC FM 7-22: Space Boarding Operations, an innovative book that is designed to read like an actual U.S. Space Marine Corps field manual devoted to boarding hostile spacecraft and battling their crews in A.D. 2089. It is also the official licensed publication of the TerrorWerks ( live-action event that will debut at Origins in July.

* Old Man of Damascus, a script for the Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition live-action horror roleplaying game.

* Nuisances: Director’s Cut, a revised and expanded edition of Skirmisher’s off-color and most popular OGL/d20 book.

* Several free giveaways and premiums will also available — some exclusively for recipients of this newsletter, so be sure to bring your copy to get what’s coming to you!

There will also be a number of events run at Gen Con by Skirmisher or based on its products. All are listed on the Gen Con website ( and, by day, will include the following. If you are already signed up for a Skirmisher event, please contact us at for useful advance information!

Thursday: "The Green Fairy," an 1890s gaslight event for Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition run by PST Productions.

Friday: "PowerLunch First-Ever National Tournament," an event run by Skirmisher based on its PowerLunch Collectible Trading Business Card Game (CTBCG), the winner of which will get a free lunch at a local restaurant. Bring this newsletter to receive a free deck! Free copies of PowerLunchTM are also available for download at so that you can practice a little before the con; "Expedition to the Burial Peaks," one of Skirmisher’s infamous Great Con scenarios, based on material from its popular Nuisances d20/OGL book; and "Arcana Imperium," a Roman-era Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition event run by PST Productions.

Saturday: "Object of Desire," a Wild West Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition event run by PST Productions; and an "H.G. Wells’ Little Orc Wars" tournament-style game.

Authors and artists associated with many of Skirmisher’s products will be on hand at the company’s booth to sign copies of their work and chat with fans and customers. These will include Cthulhu Live creator Robert "Mac" McLaughlin, Cthulhu Mythos artist Richard Alan Poppe ( and Skirmisher author, founder, and publisher Michael J. Varhola. Be sure to come by and chat with them a little!

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