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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Skirmisher Q&A: Nuisances Bonus Material

Q: I purchased a copy of Nuisances the other day and found it to be an excellent, entertaining, read. That said, after reading a review of the product elsewhere, I realized that it was supposed to include a CD, an item that some local hooligan at the FLGS apparently rtemoved from the book prior to my purchasing it. Out of curiosity, is the material on the missing CD available for download anywhere?

A: We included a CD of bonus material with each copy of Nuisances that we sold at Gen Con 2005, but that was a special promotion that did not carry over to retail sales or anywhere else. One of the main documents from that disk, however, is available for free from the Downloads section of our Website ( We also frequently add new Nuisances material to that section and to our "What's New" blog (several items reside there now, as a matter of fact).

Also, the bonus CD will be included in its entirety with our new line of "Monster Porn" DVD cases, which we will be making available though our online store within the next week or so (

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