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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Get a Copy of 'Warriors' for $2.37!

For a limited time, Skirmisher Publishing LLC is selling slightly used or shelfworn copies of its d20 book Warriors on for just $2.37.

"It's true, and these books are actually in very good shape," said Skirmisher Publisher Michael J. Varhola. "We just want the opportunity to get some of our products into the hands of people who might not yet be familiar with them. Warriors is a great book, and we believe that anyone who takes a look at it will want to see some of our other d20 and wargaming books."

Warriors is a comprehensive D20 sourcebook for fantasy role-playing games that expands upon the description of the Warrior class in the 3rd Edition DMG. It is an invaluable resource both for dungeon masters who want to expand the variety and realism of combat encounters and martial non-player characters and for players who want to enhance the military and combat capabilities of their characters.

Features of Warriors include 16 military prestige classes; more than 30 military subtypes; nine non-military subtypes; two dozen skills; nearly a score of feats, including eight devoted to aerial warfare, new weapons, armor, and equipment, including weapon accessories, elephant gear, siege engines, balloons and blimps, and guidelines for incorporating high-technology weapons into a fantasy campaign; 16 new spells; more than 80 new magic items and five new weapon special abilities; three new combat-oriented monsters; two dozen detailed, ready-to-use NPCs; rules for incorporating chariots into combat; rules for using large beasts like elephants in warfare; and guidelines on historical and non-human heraldry.

To purchase a copy of Warriors for just $2.37, go to the book's product detail page on

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