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Thursday, May 01, 2008


Skirmisher Releases 'City Builder Volume 4: Professional Places'

City Builder Volume 4: Professional Places is the fourth in a series of 11 complementary books that will help guide Game Masters through the process of designing exciting and compelling urban areas and places within them for their campaigns. It is not specific to any particular game setting and is designed to be compatible with the needs of any ancient, Dark Ages, Middle Ages, Renaissance, or fantasy milieu (26 pages, $1.99, SKP E 0812). It was written by authors Michael J. Varhola and Jim Clunie.

City Builder Volume 4 is currently available for download at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. A coupon for a reduced-price download of the book is available through the Daywalker Bonus Content section of the Skirmisher Forum (contents of which are visible only to people who are both registered on the Forum and logged in).

Contents of this book include:

* An Introduction that describes the scope of the series and how to use the material in this volume;

* Individual sections devoted to descriptions of Guildhouses, Hospitals, Mages' Lodges, and Training Halls;

* One or more Adventure Hooks tying in with each described sort of place; and

* An appendix on Guilds that describes such institutions and includes a series of tables for randomly generating their characteristics and specific regulations.

This download includes both low-resolution screen-friendly and high-resolution printer-friendly versions of the book and its cover.

Other volumes in this series currently available include include City Builder Volume 1: Communities, City Builder Volume 2: Craftsman Places, and City Builder Volume 3: Entertainment Places.

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