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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Thanks for Visiting Skirmisher at Gen Con!

Thanks to everyone who visited Skirmisher at Gen Con Booth 313! It was great meeting so many new people and spending time with friends, fans, and others who we only get the opportunity to see once a year.

This year Skirmisher shared a large, triple-sized booth with two other great companies, model maker ArmorCast and miniature manufacturer Lance & Laser, and also displayed 5th Epoch's innovative Metal Magic & Lore role-playing game, TerrorWerks T-shirts and other memorabilia, and sculptures by artist Shea Garvin. We also had an active demo table that saw good use by Quactica miniatures wargaming rules creator Steve Lortz, Vito Pandolfo and the rest of the crew from 5th Epoch, and Shea Garvin and his brother Lee. Just as important, of course, was the presence of our two beautiful booth babes, "Con Kitty" and "Loleda"! Other critical Skirmisher personnel included Will Thrasher and a special thanks goes out to Devra Gelfand, who graciously pitched in at the booth.

Skirmisher's editorial and publishing staff was also available to talk with people interested in working with our company and contributing to various projects. Naturally, we also had available our full product line of d20/OGL supplements, Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition books and scripts, tabletop wargaming rules, and our "Quactica" and "Orcs of the Triple Death" miniatures.

Beyond the people mentioned above, we had a great time speaking and hanging out with various other people. These include but were not limited to:

* The ArmorCast and Lance & Laser contingent of Matt Beman, Steve Strnad, Erik Morrice, and Clint Staples.

* The Terrorwerks live action event crew, including Mac McLaughlin, Stefan Rice, Megalon, Ollie Cass, Brendan Cass, Gregg Agostini, Matt Start, Mark Shireman, Jason Arons, Ken Simerara, and Sasha.

* Old and new friends alike, including Jon Reichman, Ricoh, and the always-stunning Amanda S.

* Bob Cahill and the whole Starwind Design crew -- who have been the biggest supporters of our ongoing Edgar Rice Burroughs "Mars" projects -- and Anthony Gallela of Bucephalus, who gave me the creepy rat thing that spooks my wife every time she wakes up and sees its eyeless pupils staring at her.

* Marcy Ganow, Bunkie, and all the other members of the Game Publishers Association, who always make us glad to be members of the gaming community.

* Cthulhu Live LARPers, including Emily Monster, Andrew McNeil, Jason Susalla, that goth chick with the corsets from Nebraska, and Tim, Pat, Megan, and Ryan Ewick.

* Also, a special "Hooah!" to the Gen Con fraternity of 11-Bs, including Varhola, Ken, Shea, and Dimitri (with a nod to our brothers and sisters with FA, MI, MP and other lesser MOSs/branches and services).

* All the fans, customers, and other people who spent time chatting with us at the Skirmisher/ArmorCast/Lance & Laser booth.

Please forgive any omissions, misspellings, or the like and post a reply about anything you catch here so that we can fix it!

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