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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Adventures in Wonderland: A Sourcebook for OGL Roleplaying Games

Welcome to Wonderland, a strange, sometimes creepy alternate world that incorporates aspects of a fairytale land, the elements of children’s nightmares, and a demi-plane of chaos!

Skirmisher Publishing LLC is pleased to announce the release of Adventures in Wonderland: A Sourcebook for OGL Roleplaying Games ($7.99, SKP E 1011, 58 pages; authors Michael J. Varhola and Shane O’Connor). It is available as a PDF download through several online sales venues, including DriveThruRPG (

This game book is inspired by the works of Lewis Carroll, among them his Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and a number of poems. It includes:

* More than 20 monsters, races, and NPCs native to Wonderland.

* Chapters of Wonderland Skills, Feats, Spells, and Magic Items.

* A Wonderland Gazeteer

* Wonderland Adventure Hooks

* Tables for selecting Random Wonderland Items

To comment on or discuss Skirmisher's Adventures in Wonderland, go to the dedicated section on the Skirmisher Forum, at

For more information, contact Skirmisher Publishing LLC, 499 Mystic Parkway, Spring Branch, TX 78070;;

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